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Your Top Botox Questions Answered -- No Holding Back

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 3/25/15 8:30 AM

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botox-1Botox is the only FDA-approved drug treatment option for lateral canthal lines (also known as crows feet) and glabellar lines (frown lines between the eyebrows). Originally invented in the 1980s by Dr. Alan Scott to treat patients with crossed eyes, the side effect Botox had on skin came as a surprise.

When injected into deep lines and wrinkles, patients noticed they had more youthful looking skin without cosmetic surgery. Hollywood was quick to adopt Botox, and when the FDA approved the procedure over a decade ago, the rest of America began seeking treatments like it was the fountain of youth. Today, Botox is the number one cosmetic medical treatment in the country, with an estimated 6 million or more procedures conducted annually.

Its miracle effect on skin leaves much to question, and as America becomes more health conscious, there’s a greater demand for explanation about what Botox actually is and how it works. Here are your top Botox questions answered — no holding back.

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How to Wear Red Lipstick Over The Age of 40

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 3/18/15 8:30 AM

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redlipstickmakeupRed lipstick can be bold and empowering, yet classic and elegant. Despite younger generations attempting to claim exclusive rights to the look, most women and fashionistas alike consider crimson lips ageless — that is, when properly executed.

Achieving this fiery look later in life takes a little extra work because as women age, their lips begin to thin and wrinkle. Some women start to develop lines, particularly around the mouth (called perioral wrinkles) from genetics, sun exposure or smoking, and the condition of our skin has everything to do with the way it wears makeup. Curious how to properly wear a full-looking scarlet lip over the age of 40? Follow these tips:

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5 Things You Need to Know About Smartlipo

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 3/11/15 8:30 AM

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smartlipo-1The decision to have cosmetic surgery can be stressful and overwhelming no matter who you are or what procedure you’re interested in. When it comes to your body, you want to make sure you’re making an informed choice for your physical and emotional well-being. Having as much information as possible about your options is the best way to ensure you make a decision you feel good about.

Maybe you’ve always wished you could get rid of those pesky fat deposits on your upper arms – and no amount of bicep curls seem to be making any difference. Perhaps you’ve even considered liposuction. Liposuction is a popular option for people who can’t seem to lose weight in a specific area, even after trying diet and exercise. However, many people shy away from a liposuction procedure due to concerns over the pain level or difficult recovery time.

If you’ve considered liposuction in the past, but weren’t sold on the invasiveness of the procedure, you might be interested to learn more about Smartlipo TriPlex. It’s a relatively new and innovative liposuction procedure that uses a laser-assisted technique and boasts numerous benefits over traditional liposuction methods.

Here are five important facts about Smartlipo that can help inform your cosmetic surgery plans.

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6 Ways to Lose the Baby Weight Without Hiring a Babysitter

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 3/4/15 8:30 AM

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extrababyweightlossIf you take quick glance at any grocery store newsstand, you’re likely to find some headline proclaiming a celebrity’s amazing “body after baby,” complete with before and after photographs. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to hire babysitters, nannies, personal trainers or chefs to make losing our baby weight a headline-worthy achievement.

While no mother should feel the need to succumb to societal pressures to look a certain way so soon after giving birth, it’s also perfectly understandable if you want to lose your baby weight as soon as possible. Even though you’re busy falling in love with your new baby, it’s okay to set a goal to feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to lose weight while still spending as much time as possible with the newest member of your family. Here are six ways to drop the extra baby weight without having to hire a babysitter.

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How Dermablade Can Improve Your Skin

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 2/18/15 8:30 AM

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skin_dermabladeSmooth, radiant skin is everyone’s goal. We all want to wake up in the morning and be ready to leave the house without applying concealer, blush, moisturizer, suntan lotion, wrinkle cream, or any number of products we keep in our bathrooms and on our nightstands.

That’s not realistic, though. We all have our own problems with our skin. Some products may be useful, as well as fix issues temporarily, but you may want something more permanent to be done.

A doctor who uses Dermablade, a non-invasive surgical scalpel blade, may be able help improve your skin. 

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Dying to Be Perfect: A Story of Liposuction Gone Wrong

Posted by Donna Mazzarella on 2/16/15 8:30 AM

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liposuctionThe winner of the Queen of Durán beauty contest in Ecuador, Catherine Cando, 19, died as a result of a liposuction procedure she did not want or need. Catherine initially refused the liposuction which was one of the prizes for winning the contest. It was reported that she was not interested in having the procedure and felt confident that the toning her body needed could be achieved through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Unfortunately, she was persuaded by the judges and the plastic surgeon, who happened to also have been a judge, to have the surgery. Sadly, Catherine, who was a part-time model and aspiring doctor, died of complications from her botched liposuction procedure.

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Winter Skin Care: Rituals to Keep Skin Soft and Moisturized

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 2/11/15 8:30 AM

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winter_skin_careWinter is the time for fun in the snow, ski trips, cups of hot cocoa and giving gifts to the ones you love. Unfortunately, it’s also when dry skin and chapped lips return, leaving you feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

You don’t have to dread the winter weather anymore, though. By taking up the following habits, you can fight back against the cold, snow and wind and keep your lips, hands and skin smooth all season long.

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Find the Perfect Red Lipstick & Go Red for Women

Posted by Kara Cocco on 2/5/15 10:00 AM

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the_perfect_red_lipstickI don’t know about you, but when it comes finding the perfect red lipstick, the task of picking out the right shade can be daunting. I have been through it all. I’ve tried everything from basic drugstore to expensive beauty brands, and they almost always end up at the bottom of my purse never to be found or used again. I’ve tried all sorts of lip colors -- mattes, creams, stains, and even sheer lip glosses.

Flipping through the latest style magazines, you can’t deny that the classic red lip is making a comeback. It can take you from your normal daytime look to sexy and sophisticated nighttime glam in a matter of seconds.

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What Skin Care Ingredients to Use (and Avoid) When You Have Acne

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 2/4/15 8:30 AM

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skin_care_2One of the most common skin care issues is acne. There are many factors that cause it, and it can either be chronic or appear at different points throughout your life. No matter which kind of acne you’re experiencing, there are a number of prescribed and over-the-counter products that can lessen its occurrence or eliminate it altogether.

However, when you’re strolling through the aisles of your local supermarket or pharmacy, you don’t always know what to look for in skin treatment products. Some contain ingredients that you should specifically avoid if you have acne, while others can be extremely beneficial.

Here are some suggestions for which ingredients you should steer clear of if you have acne.

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The Importance of Exercise after Liposuction

Posted by Donna Mazzarella on 2/2/15 8:30 AM

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exercise_liposuctionAre you thinking about liposuction? As you start to research more about the procedure and which plastic surgeon will best fit your needs, there is something that you can start doing right now.

The best candidates for liposuction procedures are people who maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that liposuction is a body contouring procedure that can target areas resistant to exercise and dieting. Most patients are encouraged to be a healthy weight before surgery and to maintain a healthy lifestyle after.

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