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Thinking About Eyelid Surgery? 4 Reasons to Consider It

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/18/14 7:30 AM

Eyelid SurgeryEyelid surgery can be both a cosmetic and medical procedure, since there are both aesthetic as well as health benefits for some people. 

If you are considering eyelid surgery, but don’t know whether or not you need it, here is some  information on what it is, as well as reasons you might want to have it done. 

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The Basics of Fall Skincare—What You Need to Know Right Now

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/16/14 7:30 AM

Fall Skin Care TipsFall is here, which eans dry, cold weather and no more beach time. The season also affects your skin, so it may be necessary to switch up your skin care routine. 

Want to stay healthy, look refreshed, and keep that summertime glow all throughout these cold  months? Here are some tips you can follow this fall.

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I’m Considering a Facelift—Which Option is Right for Me?

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/11/14 7:30 AM

considering_faceliftIf you are considering a facelift, you may be wondering if you should try a less-invasive non-surgical facelift approach or go all in with a surgical facelift. The answer may lie in your preferences. 

The following is some information regarding both options so you can decide which choice is likely best for you. 

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Which Face Filler Option is Right for Me?

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/9/14 7:30 AM

face_filler_option_for_meFace fillers can be used for a variety of purposes. They plump your limps, make your face look fuller, remove wrinkles, and lessen the appearance of scars. However, one size doesn’t fit all. The following are some of your options when you decide to get a face filler.

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You’re Invited: SKIN-tember! An Exclusive Skin Care Event September 17

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/8/14 7:30 AM

skin-care-skintemberYou know skin care is essential any time of year, whether it be hot or cold, rainy or dry, sunny or cloudy. And now that Fall is upon us, it's a great time to revisit your skincare routine or to stock up on skin care products. 

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The Pros and Cons of Botox Parties

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/4/14 7:30 AM

mature_adults_botox_partyA doctor’s office isn’t the only place you can get Botox injections. Women and men around the world are attending Botox parties, where socializing occurs right alongside the noninvasive procedure. But when it comes to these events, there are both pros and cons.

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4 Ways to Fight Sunspots and Skin Damage from UV Rays

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 9/2/14 7:30 AM

fight_sunspots_skin_damage_uv_raysThe ozone layer is thinning, and more ultraviolet rays are hitting us on a constant basis. This harmful exposure to the sun can cause sunspots, wrinkles, yellow skin, cancer, and a host of other issues.

Keeping this in mind, you need to take steps to prevent this damage before it happens and treat your skin after the fact. While we should do our best to avoid dangerous sun rays before they hit our skin, it’s never too late to start fixing skin damage. 

The following are some tips for dealing with the sun, thwarting further skin problems, and taking care of what’s already occurred. 

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Your Guide to Noninvasive Skin Care

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 8/28/14 7:30 AM

noninvasive_skin_careWrinkles and age lines seemingly appear out of nowhere, and it often seems impossible to get rid of them. Unfortunately, your skin may not look as good as it once did—and you may be considering your options for a refresher.

While plastic surgery can be a more permanent solution, you may not be ready to make that commitment. Thanks to developments in the skin care industry, you may not have to. 

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Exercising After Getting Breast Implants: What You Need to Know

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 8/26/14 7:30 AM

exercising_after_breast_implantsFollowing a breast augmentation, you already know you have to take it easy for a while. Your body is in recovery mode and it needs to rest. When you start exercising again, it is imperative you are careful and avoid straining yourself too much.

If you live at the gym or just love a good morning run, don’t worry: In time, you’ll be able to go back to your healthy habits. 

In the meantime, here are a few tips for staying in shape and working out while being mindful of your new look. 

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Can I Get a Breast Augmentation at Any Age?

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 8/21/14 7:30 AM

Breast_Augmentation_ageBefore you inquire with your board certified plastic surgeon about getting a breast augmentation, you need to look at some important factors to figure out if it’s the right decision for you. You must determine exactly how you want to look and ask if you’re a good candidate for the surgery. You also need to know if you’re the right age to do it. 

Though there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to breast implants, you do have to abide by the few that are in place. The following are some of the rules and guidelines regarding what age you should be when you undergo surgery.

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