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Position Yourself for Success in 2013 with Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 12/24/12 12:35 PM

work successIf the recession has you stuck on hold part way up the corporate ladder, 2013 could be your year to climb! The economy is loosening up. Corporations, while still wary, are starting to talk about promotions and new hires, and even whisper the golden words “salary increases.” The corporate ladder may not go into overdrive this year, but it’s definitely starting to move. 

That’s great news for men who lost more jobs than women during the recession. But it also means that already stiff competition is going to get tougher. The high rate of unemployment is expected to overwhelm the fairly modest rate of job growth for a while which means that there will be multiple applicants for every promotion and every new position. Smart men are already working to give themselves a competitive edge.

The Role Appearance Plays

Men have realized what an important roll appearance plays in career advancement. There’s no denying that you have to have the skills to get ahead; but when skills are equal, given a choice between a mature man who looks a little worn around the edges and a fit, trim, younger-looking guy, corporate America is choosing the Energizer bunny over the tired tortoise.

What Hiring Executives are Looking For 

Today’s hiring exec is looking for the total package: knowledge, skills and experience all wrapped up in a smart, youthful-looking, energetic package. You don’t have to be young to get ahead in business these days; but you do have to look young. Smart men who have started counting wrinkles or are carrying a little flab across their middles are paying quiet visits to board-certified Cleveland cosmetic surgeons to enlist some help firming things up. 

Act Now

Male interest in Smartlipo TriPlex and Botox and fillers has increased 88% since 1997 and continues to rise. If you want to find out how cosmetic surgery can give you a competitive edge in the workplace, click here to download our Men’s Guide to Cosmetic Surgery

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