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Workout Gadgets Make Fitness Fun

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 2/6/13 10:12 AM

fitbitLooking good is hard work, but Cleveland liposuction isn’t forever. Keeping your sexy new figure requires some maintenance. If you don’t want those nasty fat cells to return, you’ll have to eat smart and stay active. To make keeping fit more fun, try one of the new-generation fitness gadgets that are generating buzz. 

  • Fitbit Zip ($60) is a major upgrade of the humble pedometer. Small and lightweight enough to comfortably clip to a pocket, waistband or neckline; Zip counts steps, tracks distance and records calories burned. An iPhone app (Android on the way) allows you to log meals, set goals, challenge your friends and track your progress. Available in a selection of bright colors, as well as white and black; Zip has a long-lasting battery that should keep you on track for months.
  • Jawbone Up ($130) is the sleekest looking of the new fitness trackers. Designed to be worn around the clock, the comfortable wristband is water-resistant and available in bright jewel tones, onyx and platinum. Up encourages a holistic approach to lifestyle management, tracking both activity and sleep. Aided by a handy barcode scanner, settings allow you to track meals and tap into a nutrition database for healthy meal planning. Power nap and smart alarm features help optimize sleep periods. You can even program Up to prod you to get moving if you’re idle too long. Up’s only drawback is its plug-in connectivity. Here’s hoping a wireless upgrade is in Up’s future.
  • Nike+ Fuelband ($150) is a wireless wristband accelerometer that tracks daily activity and calories burned. Daily progress toward your fitness goal is displayed on a visible LED display, along with achievements and rewards to encourage you to stay motivated. Limited to activity monitoring, the Fuelband does not offer nutrition or sleep tracking. 

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Photo credit: FitBit

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