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More Tips for Hurdling Exercise Obstacles post Lipo

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 2/25/13 2:27 PM

friends exercisingYou may never become a gym rat; but implementing a regular exercise routine after undergoing liposuction is the key to maintaining your slim new body shape. As noted in our previous post, engaging in regular exercise after your Cleveland Smartlipo TriPlex procedure is an effective way to help keep removed fat cells from returning. 

Hurdle exercise obstacles 

Use these additional strategies to overcome your personal exercise obstacles. 

  • Hate to exercise in bad weather? Heat, cold, rain and snow fell many would-be exercisers. To take weather out of the equation, join a health club and move your exercise routine indoors.
  • Lost your exercise buddy? If you can’t find a replacement, think about the purpose your buddy served. If socialization motivates you, find camaraderie in a Zumba, kickboxing or spinning class. Or find support online at Fitocracy.com, which blends elements of Facebook, gaming and recognition to encourage and reward progress. If competition keeps you focused, sign up for the Biggest Loser program at your local health club. Virtual competitions are another option. Join a team and compete for cash prizes on Healthywage.com. If accountability was your buddy’s role, shift the burden to 21habit.com. For $21 you get 21 days to reach your goal. Every day you fail to follow through a dollar goes to charity. At the end of the challenge you get any money left.
  • Feel like you’re not making any progress? Don’t measure progress only by your scale. Record body measurements too. Exercise builds muscle which weighs more than fat. Your weight may actually go up a bit, but you’ll see progress in other measurements. Also watch for improvement in stamina, endurance and strength. 

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