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Introducing Turo Skin for Discerning, Active Men

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 7/5/13 8:28 AM

Turo Skin LotionWomen may like their men ruggedly handsome, but they prefer their men’s skin to be smooth as silk. Caveman skin and whisker burn are out. Today’s discerning man realizes the importance of presentation and packaging. Appearance is a key element in sales, whether you’re trying to close a new account or raise a smile from the attractive woman sitting across the bar. When a woman glances your way, you can be sure she’s checking out the whole package from the cut of your hair to the fit of your suit. But when you move in for the close up, what she’ll notice most is the condition of your skin.

Changing Sensibilities

Over the past few years, growing male interest in appearance has sent the male skin care industry soaring. What was a nice little $41 million side business for skin care and cosmetic manufacturers just 10 years ago has skyrocketed into a $5 billion industrial titan. Male skin care products that were once limited to the basics -- shaving cream, after shave and hair gel -- have mushroomed into full lines of high-quality professional care products for men. Men have finally left their soap-on-a-rope days behind them and embraced modern skin care regimens with handsome results.

Skin Care For Men

To meet rising demand from our male clients, we recently added TURO SKIN professional men’s skin care products to our exceptional line of professional skin care services.

Simplified for easy use, TURO SKIN is a multi-beneficial skin care system that is specifically formulated to address men’s special skin care needs. This compelling collection of advanced male skin care products offers discerning Cleveland men fast, easy and essential solutions designed to meet their personal face, shaving, hair and body needs. Contact us today to find out more about Turo Skin professional skin care products for men.

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