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What Conditions will be Discussed at a Skin Care Evaluation?

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 1/28/15 8:30 AM

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skin_consultationYour skin is one of the first things people notice about you. You obviously want it to be radiant and look its best at all times.

As hard as you try to keep it healthy and looking gorgeous, your skin doesn’t always want to cooperate. You may have tried different products, changed your diet, and modified your lifestyle habits. You’ve realized, though, you can’t do it all on your own.

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Winter & Your Skin Health – You Don’t Have To Suffer

Posted by Christina Smith on 1/26/15 9:00 AM

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winter_skin_care_tipsCold winter weather can take a toll on our skin. Between the frigid temperatures, harsh winds, low humidity, and dry air from indoor heating sources, it seems impossible for us to keep our skin moisturized. This winter, keep your skin healthy, comfortable, and soft and supple by following these simple guidelines:

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4 Winter Beauty Trends to Pursue this Winter

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 1/21/15 8:30 AM

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winter beauty trends Baby, it’s cold outside. Temperatures are low, and snow is beginning to blanket the land. However, just because the winter is harsh, it doesn’t have to affect your beauty routine.

Since winter is a time for staying indoors, it’s actually the perfect time to test out new looks. Your hair won’t become damaged by ocean or pool water, your skin tone will stay even, and you won’t sweat away your makeup.

The following are four winter beauty trends straight from the runway that you may want to pursue from now until springtime rolls around.

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8 Ways to Soften the Appearance of Wrinkles

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 1/14/15 8:30 AM

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8 ways to soften the appearance of wrinklesWrinkles are often unavoidable. However, with the right treatments, you can lessen the appearance of them and keep your skin looking beautiful.

There are several methods and manufactured goods available on the market for wrinkle care, but not all of them are proven to work. The following procedures and products have been given the stamp of approval by Dr. Poblete, who feels they will provide his patients the gorgeous-looking skin they deserve.

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Protect the Skin You’re In, Rethink Indoor Tanning Beds This Winter

Posted by Donna Mazzarella on 1/12/15 8:30 AM

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rethink_indoor_tanning_bedsHow often to do you visit a tanning bed during the winter months? What makes you want to visit a tanning bed? Reasons vary for everyone….which one pertains to you?

  • “I want a tan before my winter vacation to prevent a burn or having pale skin on the beach”
  • “I want to maintain my summer tan all year-round”

  • “I just look better with a tan"

  •  “I need more Vitamin D”

  • “It just makes me feel better”  

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Considering Liposuction in 2015? 5 Questions to Ask First

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 1/7/15 8:30 AM

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liposuction in 2015 5 questions to ask firstIn the New Year, you may want to transform into a “new you.” Your resolution might be to eat better, work out everyday, spend more time with your loved ones, take longer vacations, learn a new skill, or make a bold career move.

If one of your goals for 2015 is to improve upon your look, you may consider getting liposuction, a prominent procedure amongst men and women. In 2013, it was the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States for a reason: It has the power to rid your body of pesky fat once and for all.

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Earlobe Repair | Solutions for Past Endeavors

Posted by Donna Mazzarella on 1/5/15 8:30 AM

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earlobe repair torn ear“What was I thinking back then? No one will hire me now!” 

Do those words sound familiar? You were young, having fun, and just wanted to show your unique style. But now, no one will hire you. The competition for jobs is great and whether it is fair or not, employers do judge competencies on appearance. Even if you are contemplating a military career, all of the branches of the military prohibit the willful mutilation of the body or body part; including ear stretching or piercing, and tongue bifurcation (splitting).

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4 Ways to Actually Keep Your Healthy Body New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 12/31/14 8:30 AM

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four ways to keep your healthy body new years resolutionYou always go into the New Year with high expectations for yourself. You may want to go to the gym more, lose weight, practice mindful thinking, run a 5k, or learn how to better cope with stress.

But life inevitably gets in the way. You’re busy with your career, your children, and your hobbies. It isn’t easy to fulfill your goals when you have so much going on.

After you write down your list of resolutions this year, you should determine ways you can realistically carry them out. The following are four tips to get you on your way to accomplishing your aspirations to keep your healthy body.

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Skin Care Tips: How to Apply Mineral Foundation in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Sondra Powell on 12/29/14 8:00 AM

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how_to_apply_mineral_foundationMineral foundation has been the latest craze in the make-up industry for quite some time, and there are no signs of slowing down. Minerals are easy to use and provide coverage for your skin that is both natural and beautiful.

So you’ve finally made the jump from liquid to mineral foundation, now what? How to apply mineral foundation in 3 easy steps:

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6 Skin Care Tips to Improve the Health of Your Skin

Posted by Cleveland Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery on 12/17/14 8:30 AM

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181695976You know great-looking skin takes work. You need to clean it, moisturize it, apply the best products and consult with a doctor to figure out the most appropriate treatment methods. 

But there are different ways to take care of your skin depending on your goals. Maybe you’re hoping to improve the look of your skin or you just want to maintain its natural beauty. Perhaps you want to decrease the appearance of wrinkles or scars or smooth out bumpy spots. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, there is a product and/or method out there to help you. 

Here are six tips from Dr. Poblete and his office for helping your skin look its best at all times. 

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