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Patient Satisfaction is a Priority

The following are taken directly from our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire which patients complete 90 days after their surgical procedures.

Note: At our practice, we give prospective patients that are contemplating procedures, the opportunity to talk to prior patients who have undergone a similar procedure. Patient confidentiality is valued at all times. Please contact us if this is something of interest to you.

"I appreciate all the time I was given by the Doctor and all the staff. I loved the fact the Doctor gave me all the information about my surgery and let me decide if I wanted to have additional work. His honest opinion was refreshing; I have experienced Doctors that would do the surgery just for the money. I feel Dr. Poblete and his staff honestly care about their patients."

D.R., Lorain, OH – Left Breast Implant Exchange, Saline Implant


"My family Doctor spoke very highly of your office. I wanted someone I could trust my life with. Everyone in this office is great. Very nice and remembers your name and face."
C.M., Lorain, OH – Lipo Mini Tummy Tuck with LipoSelection™ of the Flank Area

"I trusted Dr. Poblete because instead of agreeing to do everything I asked about, he advised me to wait on some while the other Doctor was ready to do everything right away! I appreciate and trust Dr. P's advice more."
G.M., Rocky River, OH – Bilateral Breast Lift

"My daughter recommended Dr. Poblete to me. I've had 7 major surgeries and at almost 74 yrs. of age I hope I don't have anymore! I am happy to have the new neck and chin look. I should have had more work done – facelift, too, while in surgery. But thankful for what I have."
C.D., Amherst, OH – Neck Lift

Dr. Poblete and the staff are wonderful. They were always warm, caring and answered anything I needed to know."
H.K., Amherst, OH – Liposelection™ 3 Areas Flanks, Inner and Outer Thighs

"I chose Dr. Poblete because of the trust that was given to me. My experience with you was very pleasant and I'm pleased with my results and would recommend you to anyone and everyone. This was a great experience. Thank you."
M.L., Lorain, OH – Lipo Tummy Tuck

"More medically focused instead of just the physical aspect of the surgery."
K.D., Rocky River, OH – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Saline Implants

"Staff are nice and Dr. Poblete made me feel very comfortable with the surgery, I'm really happy with the result. Everybody in the office was nice and welcoming, very professional and made feel as a family, please keep up the excellent patient care."
A.A., Copley, OH – Abdominoplasty

"I will never go to another office. Not only that, but I have been telling my friends to make a switch to Dr. Poblete. In my opinion there is no better at what he does! What more can I possibly say about Dr. Poblete and staff? Outstanding in professionalism and patient care and needs. I've been to other plastic surgeons but Dr. Poblete by far has proven to be the best! I will not put my trust in anyone else. Thanks for everything!"

D.M., Columbia Station, OH – Posterior Body Lift with Liposelection™ Outer Thighs

"My friend was very pleased and I was fairly new to the area, so she recommended you. Don't change a thing."
P.B., Lorain, OH – Bilateral Breast Implant Exchange, Saline Implants

"The staff attentiveness and recommendations of a past patient led me to Dr. Poblete. This was a great experience and your staff was so helpful and accommodating. Thank you!"
M.V., Medina, OH – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Silicone Implants

"I liked my results and Dr. Poblete. I trusted his judgment!"
A.D., Elyria, OH – Bilateral Breast Implant Exchange, Saline Implants w/Modified Bilateral Breast Lift

"I had heard only the best about Dr. Poblete and staff. Your staff is great. Everyone at CHP was great. Couldn't do enough to help me with pain and nausea! I'm actually thinking about breast enhancement!!! Dr. Poblete is the best- as is Donna."
A.S., Lorain, OH – Bilateral Medial Thigh Lift

"My family friends had procedures done and had only great things to say. Pain pump – wonderful! Didn't need pain meds! Everything went great! Quick recovery! Thank you!"
E.D., Harrison City, PA – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Saline Implants

"I felt more comfortable and that he would do the best job with the best results. I am very pleased with my results. I would like for Dr. Poblete to see my final results."
T.J., Sandusky, OH – Lipo Mini Tummy Tuck

"Dr. Poblete was highly-recommended. You guys are the best!!"
T.R., North Ridgeville, OH - Mini Tummy Tuck

"My family said Dr. Poblete was very good at what he does. My experience was great!"
M.C., Lorain, OH – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Saline Implants

"Your staff was kind, helpful and personable. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!"
T.S., Grafton, OH – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Saline Implants

"I was going to see another Doctor after Dr. Poblete but he won me over, still can't believe my face. Dr. Poblete and Staff, I can't thank you enough, I remember looking at my face in the office for the first time, I CRIED, you did beautiful work and my breasts are looking better every day - and I know they looked ugly. Thank you for that, too."

T.C., Sandusky, OH – Facelift, Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)Bilateral Breast Lift

"I chose Accentuate Within because of Dr. Poblete's reputation and accreditation. Everything about the experience made me feel completely comfortable and valued as a client and patient." 
D.G., Elyria, OH – Lipo Mini Tummy Tuck with Flank LipoSelection™

"I chose Dr. Poblete because of referrals and his accreditation." 
R.H., Grafton, OH – Bilateral Breast Augmentation, Silicone Implants

"The other physician embarrassed me when I spoke with him. I love Dr. Poblete and his staff. They were supportive and encouraging."
J.B., Sheffield Village, OH – Abdominoplasty

"You were recommended by Dr. Butrey others were not. Also, it was important to me that Dr. Poblete was on the Lorain Community Board of Directors."
N.P., Lorain, OH – Bilateral Breast Lift and Liposelection™ of Flanks and Abdomen

"Better information, friendlier staff. Liked Dr. Poblete better."
D.G., Rocky River, OH – LipoSelection™ Flanks and Inner Thighs

"Doctors had same accreditation; price for surgery was more affordable at your facility."
T.S., Fairview Park, OH – Bilateral Breast Lift, Mini Tummy Tuck